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Things are Batty at LHS

Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 9:55 am

By Ryan Pursifull
One of the major improvements to the high school after the renovations took place was additional lighting to the front parking lot. This improved lighting helps safety and convenience during nighttime events. Along with the benefits of this feature came an unforeseen consequence. The light draws in small bugs, which are the primary food source for the Missouri Brown Bat. The Brown Bat is a protected species and is generally harmless to humans. When the bats are feeding they end up roosting on the side of the building. A bat has recently been found in the Art room.

In order to address this problem Eagle Scout Gavin Ince decided to research an ecologically friendly approach to relocating the bats. With the help of Cameron Lindsey, Jeff Love and Dr.Picone’s Life Skills students and using a design from the Missouri Department of Conservation website, Gavin was able to build a 5-panel bat house.

The house is located far enough away from campus so the bats are undisturbed but close enough to get a quick meal. Time will tell if the bat house is effective. The bat house is open for business.