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The Buck Stops Here

Posted on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 12:38 pm

After Patty Bolton told me she was closing the Heartfelt Boutique last week to spend more time with her family, I jokingly told her she had a lot of gall to want a good part of her life back.
Bolton will continue running the Heart to Heart Community Outreach food pantry, so that vital service will keep her busy.
She just wants to slow down and smell the roses and running the boutique prevented that. It’s not like her talents are going away with the store’s closure either.
The community will not lose the giving, Christian spirit that Bolton exudes. We will still have her shining example of  how volunteer service helps the unfortunate.
I for one would like to thank her for her service — in any amount — and wish her to get some deserved time off.
I’ve had several proud moments in my career in journalism and one of them was provided by Bolton.
Last year I wrote an article about the closing of the Louisiana Ecumenical Outreach food pantry. However, I contacted Heart to Heart and the First Baptist Church in Louisiana, and found they were both still operating their food pantries, picking up the slack.
A few days later, Bolton told me the Heart to Heart Food Pantry had an increase in clientele because of my article.
“Because of you, there are children all over the county who are eating tonight,” Bolton said.
It doesn’t get much better than that. It’s kind words like hers that keep me going.


As Monty Python often says: “And now for something completely different.”
How would you like to be living in the Ukraine these days?
It seems like government control changes on a daily basis, with each news cycle producing another pronouncement from someone saying they are in charge, which is to say no one is in charge.
There are aspects of social media that make me cringe, like intrusion of privacy and obnoxious commenters hiding behind anonymity.
But the Ukrainians are proving it comes in handy when people are fighting to lift oppression.
Social media is too immediate to control and promotes peace in a lot of disrupted societies, despite its drawbacks.


An old friend once  asked me what the four greatest words in the English language were.
“Pitchers and catchers report,” he said.
Having just survived yet another fierce winter storm, I couldn’t agree more.
Snow and ice have no business forming in March and are detrimental to our national pasttime. I’m wondering now if April is merely a rumor.