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The Buck Stops Here

Posted on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 4:44 pm

I survived my weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks with my old high school buddies, despite suffering a high ankle sprain while attempting to dance.
Dancing has always been a tension release for me and I found myself on a concrete dance floor surrounded by much younger people late one afternoon during our sojourn.
As I twirled one of the women around, I felt a tug and realized she was going down backwards and did not want to let go of my hand, thereby taking me with her.
Somebody had stepped on her back foot and about six of us started going down like bowling pins. I fell directly on top of the poor gal, who accidentally kicked me in the shin on the way down.
Suffice to say that several bumps and bruises ended my folly and made me rethink my dancing career.
I vow I will never dance again in a confined space with people who have been out on boats all day. I will also not attempt to cut a rug (or concrete) again with anyone who is not a grandparent.
When I was growing up, the popular saying was to never trust anyone over 30. At 62, I think I’m going to stick with the same philosophy, but switch the number to under 40.
The dancing like a domino escapade was the main mishap of the adventure, which included many nights of stories embellished by the years. There was also the shaking of heads while calculating how we ever survived the lunatic acts of our youth.
The philosophical bent of the eight guys there ranged from Fox TV conservative to NPR liberal, which made for lively political discussions in which no minds were changed.
But it was interesting to see what a diverse, yet connected group agreed on.
While not exactly a Christian ethic, we all wondered if it wouldn’t be smarter to let multiple mid-East factions take each other apart instead of jumping in the middle of the fray all the time. We all thought centuries of teaching hate and killings will not be stopped by our attempts to instill democracy, no matter how noble.
We also wondered why solar and wind energy are not pursued here as heavily as they are in Europe and other continents.
There was no consensus on the veracity of Obama, consistent with our individual feelings and stubborn German demeanor.
However, we did agree on the most important point of the weekend. The Cardinals need another hitter.
It was suggested by one wiseacre that if the young Redbirds rookies don’t start producing, we probably should get them dancing lessons at Lake of the Ozarks to toughen them up.
Very funny.