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The Buck Stops Here

Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 11:26 am

Sometimes when you’re in peril, an angel comes flying in at the most opportune moment.
That’s what happened to me last week when I met Robert Fry, of Bowling Green.
I had just dropped my son off at work in Bowling Green and stopped at a convenience store. When I came out, my car wouldn’t start.
As anyone who knows me well will attest, I might be able to turn a phrase, but when it comes to turning screws or anything else mechanical, my IQ drops 100 points.
As I was pondering what to do outside of my car with the hood up, I heard a man with whispy red hair say, “Do you need some help sir?”
The angel had landed.
I told him I did indeed need help and was hoping it was just my battery, which was low on water and had some corrosion on the posts.
Robert got out of his Ford pickup and I noticed he had a full tool box behind the cab. An angel with tools no less.
We put water in the battery and Robert fiddled with the cables and posts, cleaned them off with a stiff wire brush, and then asked me to try and start my Toyota.
Sure enough, it fired right up. An angel with immediate results.
When I got out to thank him, I asked about five times if he wanted a Coke or something as a reward. He respectfully declined.
We got to talking and Robert told me he has helped people who were broken down on the road many times.
One day he found a  woman with a stalled van on the roadside who was paralyzed and unable to walk. Robert couldn’t get her vehicle running, so he towed her to help and she eventually was on her way.
He apprised me of several other incidents and said it was his way of doing the Lord’s work.
I told him I am not a church-going person, but I certainly believe in a higher being and in particular, the Golden Rule.
Robert said he has lived by the Golden Rule as long as he can remember and started helping people along the road after he was bailed out once himself.
He said when he went to pay the woman, she told him to simply pass on the favor to others. The last time I offered to pay Robert, he said the same thing.
I guess angels can take many forms, but I’ve never met one whose penchant involves a box full of tools that can fix a car.
I will continue to accept angels anytime I am in trouble. I’m pretty sure they come along because of my adherence to the Golden Rule, or my karma, or whatever you want to call it.
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is pretty simple advice.
It might even land you a roadside angel.