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Supporting Louisiana Kids in Motion

Posted on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 5:05 pm

Amy Vaughn and Amber Shafer

Amy Vaughn and Amber Shafer

Bank of Louisiana President, Amber Shafer,  presented Amy Vaughn, Kids in Motion Director, $500 towards the sponsorship of one at-risk youth in Louisiana’s summer program.
Kids In Motion is a local program that supports at-risk middle school aged young people by teaching them to value work, their community and their future.  In addition to character growth, kids involved in the program have the opportunity to earn money through community service projects.
On their first “pay day” Bank of Louisiana also provides a mini-lesson on money management.  Topics such as how to recognize needs vs. wants, and the importance of saving money and how interest works are discussed with the participants.
Anyone interested in supporting Kids In Motion and the youth of the community, should contact Vaughn at 573-221-3892, extension 246.