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Successful fair in the books as event ends

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 9:51 am

Another successful Pike County Fair is in the books as this year’s event came to a close Saturday.
The fair, which ran Tuesday through Saturday of last week, is comparable to years passed, said fair board president Vernon Korte.
According to Korte, the grand total of revenue for the 2014 fair appears to be slightly down from last year.
“2013 was an exceptional year,” Korte countered, explaining the slight decrease in revenue is perfectly acceptable and to be expected following such a strong year.
Except for Friday, which totaled a gate revenue of more than $5,000 above last year, attendance was also down somewhat, something Korte credits to Saturday’s weather, which was less than fair-friendly.
Despite lower receipts in certain areas, Korte said both the beer and food revenues were up for 2014, even after a slight increase in these prices to offset expenses.
“We always try to keep expenses as a fairly even rate,” Korte added, maintaining the increase in prices is not a usual practice.
Because 2013 was such an “exceptional” year for the fair, the board president said slight decreases to this year’s revenue are nothing to worry about.

Overall, Korte said Friday was the peak day of this year’s fair, with numbers up from last year across the board.
“Friday was really good this year,” he said.
In review, Korte says the fair wouldn’t be possible without help from his fair board and local businesses, who help with everything from equipment loans and manpower for the fair’s many attractions.