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Steel begins to span over Mississippi River for new Champ Clark Bridge

Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 3:00 pm

By Kyle Boaz

The Massman meeting had a surprise twist on Saturday, July 28.
During the presentation from Massman Project Manager Josh Hanrahan and MoDOT Senior Project Manager Keith Killen, a steel girder was placed in the background of the meeting in Henderson Riverview Park.
Workers could be heard hammering pins into place while questions were asked about the progress of the project and what the demolition would look like.
“We set the four girders on pier five and we’ll do the same thing on pier four that will make a double length segment two girders wide [and] two girders long,” Hanrahan said.
The gaps in between would be filled.
“We’ll do the same thing on pier three [by] erecting the pier girders and close the gap. So we will jump forward and then back,” Hanrahan said.
The segments of steel between the piers will be bolted together. The sections are between 70 and 80 ft. and are bolted together on the barges to make double length sections.
More steel sections should arrive late next week, according to Hanrahan.
As the steel work continues farther offshore, thoughts on what to do about channel work have already been considered.

The workers on the Champ Clark Bridge may be hard to spot in this picture but can be seen as the bright colored spots on top of the steel portion of the bridge. During the presentation by Massman and MoDOT on Saturday, July 28, these workers could be heard laying the foundation for the new bridge that is still on schedule to open the fall of 2019.

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