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Senior NHS Members Receive Stoles

Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 10:02 am

NHSBy Elijah Oblinger
On Wednesday April 30, senior NHS members and their families gathered in the Louisiana High School commons for a very important night. It was the Rose and Stole ceremony. It was the night they would receive a rose and a stole to wear at graduation, signifying their membership in NHS.
The stole comes to us from the Middle Ages. The men that were well educated, known as scholars, wanted to be set apart from the rest of the group so they wore a brightly colored fabric around their necks. These seniors were given their stoles to remind them that they are set apart from their peers.
The rose is a symbol of beauty. It smells beautiful, it looks beautiful, but it can cause pain if you touch the thorns. The beauty of the rose is the goal that the seniors have reached. The thorns are a symbol of the hardships they had to go through to achieve their goals.
The keynote speaker was Mrs. Pat Valler. She gave a speech about the choices we make in life and the people who can affect those choices. As she looked into the eyes of the once small and fragile middle school students, she began to tear up. She said she could not believe that those kids made the right choices to become such successful young men and women.
The ceremony went well, though it did not take much time due to the fact that there were only eight graduating seniors in NHS. The juniors also attended the ceremony, led by Leah Waddell and Emily Francis.