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Route set for Bicycles Across Missouri

Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm

The path has been set for the race to the Mississippi.
The Bicycles Across Missouri (BAM) ride will travel down Hwy. 79 after starting from Mark Twain Lake south of Perry to Seventh Street to South Carolina to the riverfront on Friday, June 16.
“I like the way the route looks. It’s clean and simple,” Ultra Max Sports Logistics Manager Brian Flemming said.
Ultra Max will be suppling the finish line for the event.
Louisiana Police Chief April Epperson was in attendance for the BAM committee meeting on Tuesday, April 4, and the only issues she saw were street crossings across Hwy. 54 and at the intersection of Seventh Street and Georgia Street.
Volunteers may be used to direct traffic to cross Hwy. 54.
“They’re human signs that wave,” Missouri Life Magazine Associate Director Harry Katz said.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol and MoDOT will help with signs, according to Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Mayer.
During their journey here and until they reach the riverfront, riders will be in a single file line on the edge of the road, according to Katz.
“The riders know the rules of the road,” he said.
The riders will be dropping their vehicles off in Louisiana on Saturday, June 10, and will pick them up on completion of the race.
Louisiana High School was an option to house the cars, but with the bond initiative passing, the school will be doing infrastructure work during the summer.
There will be between 100 – 150 cars that need to be parked, according to Katz.
The idea of a specific one-day bike lane was floated, but would need city council approval if the lane becomes a more concrete plan.
The event will have 500 to 600 riders and their companions visit Louisiana.
To keep the festivities going the possibility of moving the Water Foul Weekend to Saturday, June 17 was mentioned by Kent Adams.
Buffalo Township United Fund is the only confirmed vendor. Local vendors will not be charged for a booth but will need to register
The time vendors would be able to be open would be from noon to 8 p.m.
Katz also recommended having food like fresh fruit cups and seafood along with traditional festival staples like hot dogs and burgers for vendors.
“As much variety as possible for food is key,” Katz said.

The Bicycles Across Missouri committee met on Tuesday, April 4, to hammer out details of the biker’s route to the city, vending options and other topics for when the event comes to Louisiana on Friday, June 16. Pictured, from left: April Epperson, Andrew Mayer, Diana Huckstep, Kent Adams, Harry Katz, Anne Luebrecht, Darrell Hampsten and Sandra Shuckenbrock.