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R-II school projects near completion as start of school approaches

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 2:47 pm

By Kyle Boaz

The Louisiana school district is almost ready to turn in its summer project.
The bond projects that were passed on April 4, 2017, are near completion with a target end date of early August.
“The fire system is finished and tested. Lockers have been installed,” Superintendent Dr. Todd Smith said.
“Roof work is still in progress. AC units have been placed and are being wired. Bathroom renovations continue on schedule with the exception of one set of partitions at the high school. They were measured incorrectly and replacements have been ordered [with] no cost to us.”
The bathrooms should be installed by Wednesday, Aug. 8.
The other projects should be completed on Friday, Aug. 3, with the roofs being completed by Friday, Aug. 10.
The lone project that falls outside of the early August time line is the bus barn, which was anticipated to be the last item to complete.
“The bus barn will be an ongoing project into the next school year as we make the improvements using our own staff and bidding individual pieces of the project,” Smith said.
The district has also amended its budget after receiving its assessed evaluation from the county clerk’s office on July 1.

“The budget was created using a ‘best estimate’ of that number. We were off by $148,000, or .18 percent of the overall assessed valuation,” Smith said.
“We saw increases in residential and commercial property and a decrease in personal property. Overall, our assessment was down $875,138, or 1.6 percent. That translates to $35,000 less for the district. The budget was created using about double that amount, so we will have $32,000 more than we thought we would. This also brings the budget into the black.”
The budget will be finalized in September.
Even with school out of session, there was plenty of activity on campus in July.
“I am proud that we hosted the bicentennial activities on campus,” Smith said.
“No other venue in town could have accommodated the diverse activities. Scott Pursifull and Zach Patton really stepped up and the bicentennial committee took great care of the facility and left it nearly spotless.”
The school also pitched in after the accident at Lynn’s Heritage House on Thursday, July 5.
“We provided a bus to transport med carts to the temporary shelter at the Elks. We were also on call for any transportation needs. Jason House took the lead in the operation and Al Murry should get credit for already having the plan in place for such situations,” Smith said.

Upcoming dates
The school will have its external audit from Monday, Aug. 6, to Tuesday, Aug. 7.
Open house will be on Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 5 p.m.
The tax levy hearing for the district will be on Monday, Aug. 20, at 6 p.m. in the Louisiana Middle School Library.

Work crews continue to install the HVAC units at the Louisiana High School.