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Prop S, R-III Board race drive turnout for April elections

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 1:26 pm

This map represents how the percentage of voters who turned out in last Tuesday’s election voted in each Pike County precinct compared to the overall turnout in the county. The two precincts where voters participated in the Pike County R-III Board of Education election strongly outperformed the voter turnout for the county overall, followed by the part of the county that considered a tax increase associated with the Bowling Green public schools. Voters in and around Louisiana largely stayed home. (graphic by Adam Thorp/Louisiana Press-Journal)

A fight for two seats on the Pike R-III Board of Education and a tax hike in support of the Bowling Green School District drove turnout in Tuesday’s elections in Pike County.

Bowling Green’s Proposition One passed, but just barely. An incumbent on the Pike R-III Board was turned out in favor of a write-in campaign by a recently ejected board member. And Pike County filled out its first ever elected 911 Board.

Turnout in Pike County was a little over 20 percent, a slight improvement on the 17 percent the county registered in 2018’s April election. That turnout was not evenly distributed across the county: at some polling locations, it fell into the single digits. The worst performing precinct, Buffalo D west northwest of Georgia Street, registered a little above 7 percent.

Meanwhile, precincts that voted in the hotly contested race for the Pike R-III board roughly doubled the county-wide average. More than 42 percent of registered voters in the Calumet F precinct, which contains Clarksville, cast a ballot.

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