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Pickle in peril: Youngster publishes book with a humorous look at a pickle

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 2:30 pm

patrickpickle“The Life and Death of Patrick the Pickle” had such a good ring to it that Riley Perrine felt compelled to use it as the title for his recently published children’s book.
The Louisiana Elementary School fifth grader reasoned he could have called the protagonist “Peter the Pickle” or “Paul the Pickle” but it just didn’t fit.
So Perrine stayed with his title, which pretty much explains the story, although he does weave a narrative through the six pages of the illustrated book.
“I was sitting in (Miss Stephanie Kopff’s) class and we had a writing assignment, so I thought I’d do a children’s book,” Perrine said. “I worked in my mom’s garden last summer and like pickles, and “Patrick the Pickle kind or rhymes.
“Then I read it to my family and they said ‘You should get that published.’”
His mother, Tisha King, of Louisiana, did just that through Lulu.com, an on-line publishing company.
Perrine has sold copies already by people calling up www.lulu.com and simply typing his title in.  He has donated half the proceeds to Braxton Pitzer, of Bowling Green, in his fight against leukemia.
The book starts with Patrick the cucumber getting picked and turned into a pickle.
“Then the unthinkable happened and he was eaten by the man who picked him,” Perrine wrote. “This is the tragic love story of life and death. All these things really happened. Cucumbers were hurt during the writing of the story.”
“His story was so funny when he read it,” King said. “He also has a submission in to the Raintree Arts Council for their literary contest.”
Perrine loves to read and write and goes with what comes to him creatively.
“Sometimes I just get an idea in  my head and I start writing,” he said. “When I have my idea it’s all planned out in my head and then I put it on paper.”
Perrine also realizes how important reading and writing are.
“I read every time I can find a good book,” he said. “I’ve read all the books in the school library pretty much. I enjoy reading as much as I can just about every day.
“It’s important because then you have a wider vocabulary in your mind.”