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Louisiana wins Homecoming game

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 3:00 pm

By Taylor Lockard

The Louisiana Bulldogs football team won for the second time in nearly five years with a 44-14 victory over the Paris Coyotes on Friday, Oct. 5.
“It always feels good to win, whether it’s twice in 47 games or every single time you set foot on the game field,” Head Coach Joe Calhoun said.
The Bulldogs made several individual plays worthy of note as they combined confidence and teamwork to keep the scoreboard in their favor.
Devin Cropp had 145 yards rushing and two touchdowns. Derek Richards added 101 yards on the ground and a rushing touchdown, as well as 43 yards receiving with a touchdown pass. Cam Henderson tallied 23 yards rushing and 52 passing yards with a touchdown.
He also completed a pass for 43 yards to Richards.
“There was concern in the second half of the game when it came to the penalties and both teams getting a little bit ornery with each other,” Calhoun said.
“It was a teachable moment for us as coaches to remind our guys that we need to do our talking with our pads and our play, and not get caught up in any extracurricular nonsense that can cost the team.”
Defensively, Louisiana had three scores. Tyler Hopkins had a 55 yard interception for a touchdown, and Richards added a 30-yard interception for a touchdown as well.
On top of that, Cody Love returned a fumble 45 yards for a touchdown.
Calhoun said that while winning the previous game helped his team feel more confident, “it always comes down to focus and effort, regardless of the previous week’s game.”

Bulldog linemen are ready to shove into the Coyotes line.