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Louisiana R-2 school district reaches 100% compliance rating

Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm

-article submitted to the Press

The Louisiana R-2 School District completed a triennial compliance review for the state of Missouri in May of 2018.
The results from the review were released to the school at the end of October.
• The Louisiana R-2 Special Education Team received a 100% compliance rating from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
• The review was comprised of over 30 pages comprising hundreds of individual standards and indicators that had to be met to obtain this rating.
• The special education department received a letter of recognition from the regional professional development center recognizing excellence in achievement.
• According to the letter, “A 100% compliance rating is a significant achievement with a very small number of schools state wide obtaining this rating each cycle”.
• This was the first time that Louisiana R-2 has achieved this highest level of performance rating review on a Triennial Special Education Review
• When asked how this compares to previous reviews, Director of Special Services Dr. John Picone noted, “When I took over as director the district had just completed a triennial file review. Significant teacher turn over and extensive health issues had plagued the department and factored into the performance results.
They simply were not where we wanted them to be. Our department sat down as a team and decided we could do better and then mapped out a course of action to improve. We developed a corrective action plan and worked with the state to build our compliance back to 100%. Once we had achieved this we set our sights on maintaining a high standard of compliance. When our next triennial review came up we were ready. Louisiana has a staff of dedicated, hardworking [people]in the special education department. Our certified staff, support staff, and service providers are second to none. Together we reach a lot of kids and I am proud to work with such a group of talented educators.”