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Louisiana Press-Journal turns 164 years young

Posted on Monday, July 2, 2018 at 3:30 pm

As the city of Louisiana celebrates a milestone year in 2018, one of its oldest institutions also celebrated a birthday over the weekend.
The Louisiana Press-Journal has watched the town of Louisiana’s streets harden from dirt to concrete and its historic buildings age from birth, seeing some meet their unfortunate demise.
As the second oldest business in Louisiana behind Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards, the Press-Journal was proud to take part in the opening parade for the Bicentennial celebration a day before its 164th birthday.
“As the City of Louisiana celebrates its Bicentennial, The Louisiana Press-Journal celebrates another birthday as well. As of July 1, we are now beginning our 164th year in business. We enjoy bringing the local news to the people of Louisiana, Clarksville, Eolia and the surrounding area,” said Linda Luebrecht, publisher.The orgin of the Press-Journal can be traced back to the American Union publication that was established by Buchannan and Sons.
The paper was founded in 1855.
The publication has been though acquirement and changing of hands until the final independent owner, Jim Gierke, sold the paper to Lakeway Publishers in 2002.
“Serving as editor for an established publication in a small community like the Pike County area is an honor,” current editor Kyle Boaz said.
“I learn about Louisiana and the surrounding area every day from conversations or from going through the archives of our publication. Our archives stored at the Louisiana Public Library offer a window into the past of the people that walked on the same soil as we do today.”
Current Lakeway Publishers Vice President of Missouri Walt Gilbert was the former editor and publisher of the Press-Journal.
“Community journalism is one of the key ingredients to sustaining any community. The Louisiana Press-Journal, the second oldest business in Pike County, has carried that task, and honor, since 1855,” Gilbert said.
“The Press-Journal is the true history book of Pike County and its people, their struggles and victories, their setbacks and progress, and their hope for a bright tomorrow. It is our honor to provide a unique product that is rivaled by no other. As our community continues to move forward, so will the Louisiana Press-Journal.”
The weekly publication currently has a staff of five: Luebrecht, Boaz, Gilbert, office manager Susan Duncan and advertising manager Tina Wendel.
“The Press-Journal has always been a part of my life. Growing up we depended on the Press-Journal for our news, upcoming events and of course the sale ads for local businesses. It is my pleasure to work for the Press-Journal,” Duncan said.
Wendel is the most recent hire for the paper, joining the team last year.
“After working most of my life in the horticulture industry, working with the Louisiana Press-Journal has been an interesting challenge for me. It’s a a lot harder than selling plants,” Wendel said.
The Louisiana Press-Journal and its staff are proud to serve the Pike County area and hope to continue that tradition for years to come.