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Louisiana man faces car theft attempt charge

Posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 3:00 pm

A Louisiana-area man is facing charges of attempting to steal a vehicle and resisting arrest after an alleged incident on Monday, July 27.
Edward L. Wilhoit, 37, admitted himself to the emergency room at Pike County Memorial Hospital for drug use, according to a probable cause statement from the Louisiana Police. Wilhoit allegedly got into an argument with a family member at the hospital and ran out of the building west on Georgia Street, the statement said.
As a police officer was speaking with family members, a call came into the dispatch center that two people were chasing Wilhoit near the Fifth Gear facility at Georgia and 30th streets, the statement said.
The vehicle owners were at a relative’s residence on Frances Drive when they allegedly saw the dome light come on and Wilhoit getting into it, the statement said.
The vehicle owners began to chase Wilhoit on foot and he allegedly took two swings at one of their heads during the chase, the statement said.
Louisiana Police caught up Wilhoit at Georgia and 30th streets, whereupon he started running again, the statement said. The officer chased Wilhoit for about 60 yards, yelled that he was under arrest and about to be electronically tazed, the statement said.
With that, Wilhoit laid on the ground and was subdued for arrest, although trying to thrust an officer off of his back, the statement said.
Another Louisiana policeman and two deputies from the Pike County Sheriff’s Department arrived and helped the fourth officer finally subdue, the statement added.
Wilhoit is free on a $10,000 cash-only bond awaiting court dates.

Edward Wilhoit

Edward Wilhoit