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Louisiana Fire Department in need of updates

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 2:47 pm

By Kyle Boaz

There could be big changes ahead for fire response in Louisiana, and those changes may be needed.
During discussion at the Louisiana city council meeting on Monday, July 23, a proposition was raised to annex the Buffalo Township Fire Protection District and the Louisiana Fire Department by Louisiana Fire Department Chief Philip Quattrocchi.
“Buffalo Township has agreed and extended an offer for us to be annexed in with them to form one department in this area,” he said.
The departments would have to petition for signatures to get the measure on the ballot and be voted on by the general public before the convergence is official.
The Buffalo district has a 30 cent tax that would be a part of the petition.
“The 30 cent tax will be a wash by lowering the ISO rating. In two to five years we could lower the ISO rating.”
An ISO rating, or Insurance Service Office rating, is a pro-profit organization that provides statistical information on risk.
The budget for the fire department currently comes out of general funds, according to Mayor Marvin Brown.

Louisiana Fire Department Chief Philip Quattrocchi presents some of the gear that is quickly aging during the city council meeting on Monday, July 23. “Does it do the job? Yes. Is it efficient or effective at cutting everything out there? No. It struggles out there,” he said.


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