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Local man writes thriller book to combat human trafficking

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 3:00 pm

By Taylor Lockard
John L. Davis IV lived in Louisiana off and on for about 20 years, saying he spent many weekends and summers here with his family. He currently lives in Hannibal with his wife, two daughters, and dog.
He recently got his book, “Average Joe,” published. The book is a fiction thriller novel about an average dad who finds himself fighting a human trafficking ring after seeing a young girl kidnapped.
“As I began to do research, it got to me more and more,” Davis said. “The number of people. Not just young women, but young women, men, young boys, all of it, [whose] lives are ruined by human trafficking. And the number is increasing.”
As a father of two girls, Davis said he “definitely related” to the character “Joe” in his book.
“There were a few times that I’ll admit, it was emotional writing it,” Davis said. “Simply because I’m not just putting words down on paper. I was actually seeing, you know, feeling those things that Joe might be feeling at that time as a dad.”

-photo submitted to the Press
John L. Davis IV, originally of Louisiana, recently had his book, “Average Joe,” published. It’s an action and adventure book about a normal dad who stumbles onto a sex trafficking ring after witnessing a kidnapping and fights to rescue the girls caught in it.

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