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Louisiana Murals

Murals – Art and Entertainment in Louisiana, MO

Murals grace historic Louisiana

John Stoeckley paints mural

Local artist John Stoeckley created a mural featuring the Delta Queen approaching Champ Clark Bridge.

One of the things visitors will see when they travel the streets of Louisiana’s downtown are the beautiful murals gracing many of the town’s historic buildings.

The Louisiana Mural Organization calls it big art in a small town and that’s exactly what it is. To date, there are more than 20 murals adorning the sides of businesses in Louisiana. That is more than any other town in the state. These murals reflect the history of the area, as well as salute the creative minds within the county. They have become a destination for tour groups and visitors alike.


What’s more is most of the murals were hand-painted by local artists, again showing the diversity of the culture in Louisiana.

They are as follows:

  • Delta Queen Approaching Highway 54 Bridge by John Stoeckley at Fifth and Georgia streets.
  • McDannold Livery Stable by Alex-Stelios Wills at Third and South Carolina streets.
  • Springtime in Louisiana by Tonya Sheppard at Third and South Carolina streets.
  • Old Glory by Tonya Sheppard at Sixth and Tennessee streets.
  • George W. Trimble by Ippy Greer at Main and South Carolina streets.
  • Buffalo Fort by Harold Shuler at at Third and Georgia streets.

    Louisiana Murals

    To date, there are more than 20 murals adorning the sides of businesses in Louisiana. That is more than any other town in the state.

  • Railroads of Louisiana by Holly Dehner at 300 block of South Main.
  • Cornish Ford by John Moran at Third and North Carolina streets.
  • Louisiana Historic Homes by LHS art class at 705 Georgia Street.
  • Honoring Veterans by Harold Shuler at 420 Kelly Lane.
  • John B. Henderson by Barbara Ehinger at Third and Georgia streets.
  • 1940s Georgia Streetby Reed Stoeckley at 607 Georgia Street.
  • Vintage LaCrosse Lumber by Barbara Bliss at 120 North Main.
  • Vintage Louisiana Fire Department by Mike Campbell at 600 Georgia Street.
  • Louisiana Boat Club by Holly Dehner at Mississippi River and Tennessee Street.
  • Lindbergh at Ashburn by Alex-Stelios Wills at 600 South Main.
  • Louisiana Area Wildlife by Jerry Johns at 3508 Georgia Street.
  • Buffum Tools by Clopton Art Club at Fourth and Tennessee streets.
  • Zebulon Pike by Alex-Stelios Wills at 405 Georgia Street.
  • The Plank Roads by Sonja Boston McLaughlin at 400 Kelly Lane.
  • Historic Churches of Louisiana by Cindy Logan at 600 Tennessee.
  • Elks Lodge by Sherry Grote at 105 North Fifth Street.

A brochure of mural locations is available at the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce. Call 573-754-5921 for more information.

Ron Allely is president of the organization at 754-4322.