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LEDC dissolves in unification effort

Posted on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 2:30 pm

The steps towards economic unification in Louisiana are becoming concrete.
Louisiana Economic Development Committee Secretary Jackson Jones sent a letter to Mayor Bart Niedner on Saturday, Sept. 14, that the committee voted to dissolve and donate their remaining funds to the Louisiana Municipal Corp., the city’s 501(c)3 branch, towards the unified economic development in the city.
The amount donated would be determined after paying for costs to dissolve. The committee currently has around $28,000 in funds.
In the letter, Jones said that “in exchange for this donation, Louisiana Economic Development Committee (LEDC) would require that the funds donated be used by the new Unified Economic Development Council exclusively for funding economic development projects, not administrative costs, within the Louisiana business community and that the new council will appoint two members of the current LEDC board as board members on the new Unified Economic Development Council.”

John Gulick maps out important discussion points during the unified economic development meeting at Pike County Memorial Hospital on Monday, Oct. 2.

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