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Jordan-Buffalo Cemetery receives donations

Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 11:50 am

Donations to the Jordan-Buffalo Cemetery Association for the month of December, January and the first half of February were as follows.
In memory of Roscoe and Virginia Carroll from Janet and Phillip Swearingen.
In memory of Jerry Narramore from Joan Carroll, Bruce and Alice Rodhouse, Ron and Trudy Spears, Ellen Spears, Ron and Jake Holtsman, Kelly and Leslie Holtsman, Elmo and Gail Shaw, Deuy and Sarah Branstetter, John and Linda Harmon, County Thyme Herb Club, Jim and Donna Pitzer, Irene Griftith, Sherley Brentshaw, Connie and Cory Vanhook and family, Donna and Ray Brown and Chris, Debbie Bradshaw and Joshua, Barb and Dale Jordan and family, Rick and Sharon Silvey and family, Beth Silvey and Bryce, Michael Lesley, Charlie and Denise Lesley, David and Viki Cadwallader and family, Bob and Caren Whitehouse, Lisa Helm, Bob and Sue Jefferies, Alice Henderson, Glen and Glenda Narramore, Betty and Bo Allen, Jan Thomas, Cameron Smith, Jeff and Laura Swank and S and A Swank.
In memory of Ira, Virginia and William E. Griffith from Irene Griffith.
In memory of Forrest Turner from Alice Henderson.
In memory of Garland Henderson from Alice Henderson.
Donations may be mailed to Jordan-Buffalo Cemetery Association in care of Donna Pitzer, 11742 Highway D, Louisiana, MO 63353.