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In the News August 22, 2012 – Pike woman named to 4-H Hall of Fame

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 9:57 am

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Pike woman named to 4-H Hall of Fame


Being named to the Missouri 4-H Hall of Fame is a thrill for Dee Dee Martin of rural Pike County, but its also reflective of her life.


Martin has spent most of her life in 4-H as a member, judge, advisor and volunteer and will be named to the Hall of Fame at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18 on the State Fair Community College campus in Sedalia.


“It was a nice surprise,” Martin recently said. “I guess they nominated me for all the years I’ve volunteered.


“4-H taught me a lot of life skills,” Martin recently said on her farm. “You do different projects and learn everything from cooking and canning to sewing, decorating cakes and rising livestock.


Martin has been a member for 26 years but that’s no big deal in her family.


Grandmother Edna Morse was a lifelong member, as was her father, Roy Morse in Lincoln County. Martin’s two brothers and one sister were members and now she has nephews Danny and Alex Somers involved along with children Shaylen, Kyle and Lucas Martin.


“I got them involved because of everything 4-H did for me as a kid,” Martin said. “It teaches lifelong skills for hobbies, making friends and it teaches kids to finish things but using a process to get things done.


“It teaches kids how to make a plan, speak in front of people, how to respect others and it gives a responsibility to be proud of what they’ve accomplished through hands-on things.”


Those hands-on things can include welding, woodwork, which her husband teaches, do training, horse riding, sewing, crafts and photography.


It started for Martin in 4th grade when she joined her first 4-H Club in the Troy area. She stayed in the program through Troy High School with the Class of 1993,


She went to one 4-H National Convention and toured the Gettysburg battlefield with 4-H. She was also a 4-H camp counselor.


After dropping out of the group in college, Martin came back to Lincoln County and learned that a co-workers’s child needed to learn cake decorating.


“I joined back to volunteer and I’ve just continued since then,” Martin said.


“I still have old friends out of 4-H too,” Martin said. “I ran into one who now teaches at Clopton, Lynn Hall. We were camp counselors together.”


Keeping it all in the family, Martin will have a large contingent in Sedalia on Saturday to see her get her award.


“It will be a nice gesture after all these years,” she said.


Dee Dee Martin is all about 4-H and to honor her and her many years of dedication, she will be inducted into the Missouri 4-H Hall of Fame.