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Help to Make A Difference!

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 3:14 pm

The Louisiana Community Betterment Association is now taking applications for new LCBA Youth Group members.
The purpose of the LCBA Youth Group is to encourage the youth of the Louisiana Community to become involved in their hometown. The group encourages ownership of the community through participation in community volunteerism in a various array of community services.
One of the recent volunteer projects of the LCBA Youth Group was the construction of the new basketball court in Sunset Park. Through a partnership with the Interact Club at Louisiana High School, the LCBA Youth were able to raise the funds and oversee the project from start to finish.
The group is currently working on a Riverfront Beautification project, installing new planters, painting the trash cans and installing new Purple Martin houses.
The LCBA Youth attend two conferences a year, one in March and one in October.
The March conference is done in conjunction with youth involved in the Missouri 4-H program.
The conference in October is done in conjunction with the Missouri Community Betterment Organization and the many youth of other MCB member communities throughout Missouri.
There is a cost to attend the conferences but the LCBA does have a very limited budget to help defray the cost for youth who need financial assistance to attend.
“Louisiana Community Betterment Association is a 501 © 3 organization and is able to keep a record of the volunteer hours that each youth contributes,” stated Diana Huckstep, LCBA Chairperson.
“These volunteer hours can be used as a matter of record when a youth is applying for college,” stated Huckstep.
The youth not only have the opportunity to serve the Louisiana community, they also have the opportunity to serve as state officers with the Missouri Community Betterment Youth Council.
The MCB Youth Council are very active in contributing ideas for both the Spring and Fall conferences. At present, Katelyn Watts and Michelle Watts are serving as MCB Youth Council members.
If you have a teen between the ages of 14 and 18 who would like to become active within the community, help to make a difference, develop projects and ideas that would benefit everyone, then we would love to speak with them. Everyone is welcomed!!
Please contact Diana Huckstep, Chairperson for LCBA at 314-640-4420.