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Hannibal High School team selected to design interpretive panel for new Champ Clark Bridge

Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 3:03 pm

By Kyle Boaz

A group of high school students from Hannibal will leave a lasting mark in Louisiana.
The design team from Hannibal High School was named the winning team to design the interpretive panel for the new Champ Clark Bridge on Wednesday, April 18.
“Hannibal’s proposal incorporates lattice beams, gusset plates, rivets and a plaque from the existing bridge into their interpretive panel design, documenting the significance of the historic bridge,” Champ Clark Bridge Project Director Keith Killen said.
The students on the Hannibal team beat out the teams from Louisiana, Pittsfield, Bowling Green and Pike Lincoln Technical Center.
The team is made up of Jacob Begley, Grace McIntosh, Gavin Booth, Morgan Wells, John Matyas and Delaney Cooke.
“It was a lot of work and a lot of late nights. I’m planning on doing mechanical engineering. I thought this was a great example of working on engineering proposals,” Matyas said.
A challenge the team faced was getting to know one another.
“I knew everyone on my team but we never had a bunch of classes together so when we were chosen, it was learning what each person had as a skill set and then using those to our advantage,” McIntosh said.
“It’s a more real-world version of a group project.”
The groups were judged on a curve of 100 with design/use of innovation, historical representation, constructability, maintainability, price allocation and an oral presentation as the categories. There were individual judges for each category exclusively.
The race was as close as possible. The Hannibal team beat out the second place team by one point. The order of the way teams finished was not disclosed.
“All five teams did an outstanding job of researching the history and importance of the historic bridge and each provided a unique proposal for the interpretive panel,” Killen said.
“Since the interpretive panel will use pieces from the historic bridge, it will not be constructed until the new bridge is completed and the historic bridge is removed.”

The winning Hannibal team poses with representatives from Massman Construction and MoDOT after having their design selected for the interpretive panel. Pictured from left are: Melissa Woodside, Aaron Gander, Jacob Begley, Grace McIntosh, Gavin Booth, Morgan Wells, John Matyas, Delaney Cooke, Michael Massman, Joe Smith, Keith Killen, Brandi Baldwin, Karen Daniels and TJ Colombatto.