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Free concert at Louisiana Riverfront

Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 3:00 pm

Regional rocker Ronnie Stoops returns to Louisiana this weekend with his latest project.
Christian rock band “oneseventeen,”will have a free concert sponsored by the First Baptist Church, at 6 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 15, on the Riverfront.
Stoops, a Louisiana High School graduate who now lives just outside of Troy, plays lead guitar and sings for the band, which formed in the spring of 2014. The band’s name – and its debut album eponymously titled ‘oneseventeen’ – heralds from the Christian Bible’s Psalm 117.
While mainly focused on rock with that message front and center, the four-piece band takes its style from an eclectic range of musical influences – from 70s album-oriented rock to funk, swamp-fuzz, gospel, R&B, and even updated country.
“We love the music our brothers and sisters in the contemporary Christian music genre are making,” Stoops said. “We’ll even cover some of it Saturday night.
But when we do, it will have a harder, edgier rock vibe to it. God made us rockers, and when we make music for him, it draws on that reality.”
Alongside Stoops, “oneseventeen”is made up of Brian Ames, who lives near Chicago, on bass guitar and vocals; Jeff Coffelt of St. Louis on drums; and Drew Titone from St. Peters on rhythm guitar and vocals.
All veterans of various music projects and members of church worship teams in the St. Louis area and elsewhere, the band plays faith-themed festivals and other venues. Saturday night will mark its first concert in Louisiana, Stoops’ hometown.
‘So many people in Louisiana have given me inspiration and supported my musical endeavors over the years,’ Stoops said. ‘I’m grateful; I want to give them something back. We hope to see a big group come out Saturday, Aug. 15, and I think if people enjoy this kind of music, they will like what ‘oneseventeen’ band has to offer.’