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Finding hope in darkness

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 8:00 am

By Taylor Lockard


Almost 10 years ago, Kevin Pierre Ward, of Louisiana, left behind his wife and four children when he passed away suddenly in February of 2009.

Out of that shattering tragedy, his wife, Chrishawn Southers, of Bowling Green, wrote a book called, “The Formula,” where she talks about what she used to help get her through the toughest moments as a widow and single mother.

“Basically what the book talks about is survival after a tragedy,” Southers said.

The book’s title comes from the “formula” Southers used for herself as she grieved her husband’s loss. To Southers, her formula was “the Word of God,” saying it was what she clung to in her grief.

“When you’re married for 18 and a half years and 22 days and then suddenly your family loses someone very important, very valuable, a great father, a great husband, and then he’s just gone,” Southers said. “You have to grieve, of course, a lot of times the grieving felt like it would never go away. The numbness, the 2 a.m. when nobody’s around and after everybody’s gone home and you know, months pass and even years go on. When you’re now a single mom and you got to raise teenagers by yourself, you have to hold on to God as your strength. So the Word of God became life to me.”

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