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Donations needed at Louisiana Community Food pantry

Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 3:00 pm

By Kyle Boaz

Some shelves will need some help restocking.
The food pantry will be relying on donations more going forward with Walmart cutting back on its donations through the Feeding America program.
“We really do appreciate everything we get. The donations from the community is what keep us going,” Drummond said.
The items that the pantry could currently use include peanut butter, canned fruit, pasta, meat, personal care items and produce.
“Canned fruit is something that goes fast,” Drummond said. “Fruit, peanut butter and canned pasta.”
Non-edible donations are also made to the pantry.
“We get cash donations and of course we need cash donations because of overhead,” Drummond said.
The pantry does one order a month from either Karl’s or County Market.
“We try to split it up. The Elks give us so much money per month and we use that to keep that business in town. Sometimes we slip out of town but we try to stay as local as we can,” she said.
The pantry won’t buy meat, produce or bread with funds.
Last month, the pantry served 1,871 people over 4,000 pounds of food. There were 1,583 people served in May, according to Drummond.
There were more than 11,000 people that were served in 2017 with more than 95,000 pounds of food.
“We’re staying steady. We’re not seeing any fewer people,” Drummond said.
The pantry is currently averaging four new clients a month.
“Right now we’re averaging about 1,000 pounds a week but that’s still not what we need,” Drummond said.
She estimated that she would need to double that number to be in a comfortable spot.
One donation that the pantry receives has a specific audience in mind.
“We have the Commodity Supplemental Food Program for our senior citizens. It was found through the Missouri Council on Aging and it comes to us from the food bank in St. Louis. It’s about a 60 pound box of supplement foods that are high in vitamins and proteins,” Drummond said.
The pantry currently has a staff that floats between 12 and 15 volunteers.
“Whenever someone wants to come in and volunteer, that’s fine,” Drummond said.
To donate to the food pantry, contact Drummond at 754-2421.