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Critical Thinking-‘It has been an honor writing for you’

Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 3:00 pm

I am back for the last time.
After being the editor for the last two years, I will be moving on to the Springfield Business Journal in Springfield, Mo., for a writing position beginning next week.
It is bittersweet for me. While I’m excited and anxious for my new position, I will miss the people that make Pike County a peaceful slice of home on the Mississippi.
My successor on an interim basis will be Liz O’Farrell, a retired schoolteacher from Bowling Green, until a permanent replacement for me is found.
The number to the office and email address for the editor will stay the same.
There are many cliches out there about transition in life. At the heart of them, they’re all saying the same thing: we all go through these changes in one way or another.
Those moments of realization are where we strip down all preconceived notions and emphasize, celebrate, laugh, cry and live vicariously through the people we care about, maybe even people that float outside of our loosely constructed social circles.
That’s the true human experience.
I will never forget my time in Louisiana and Pike County. I’ll always have a piece of the area with me, and a piece of me will always be here.
I learned how to be an active member of the community here. That’s the most important thing in a community this size.
The community is only as strong and successful as its parts and its parts need to be willing and able.
I encourage anyone in the area who has not volunteered to give it a shot.
The ends justify the means when your town, community and daily livelihood are at stake.
I will follow along with the progress of the Champ Clark Bridge, the Georgia St. corridor project, Colorfest, Applefest, all the sports teams and every other event in between from afar.
One thing that I will miss the most is my daily inspiration in Linda’s office from the lyrics of Carrie Underwood’s “Champion”.
My ability to walk into her office and conjure that song from a YouTube playlist on entry was uncanny.
I want to see the Clarksville and Louisiana areas continue to survive and thrive in the future.
The constant then sporadic nature of this space was unintentional. What I came to realize is that an editorial section in a community newspaper doesn’t have the same impact in the social media age.
The feel can be too soapbox-like and one way when instead it should be a level conversation. It’s one of the few benefits of social media.
The reason for the name of this column was to remind people that it’s okay to question the information that you’re given and do your own research. Read as many varied news sources as possible.
Our country was at its peak when we nurtured education, science, civil discourse and forward thinking. It all starts with an educated and intelligent electorate.
It has been an honor writing for you.
And thank you for letting me be a part of the community.

Kyle Boaz