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Critical Thinking

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 2:30 pm

Save net neutrality.
As soon as this week, the FCC will vote on the possible removal of net neutrality, which dictates the freedom of the internet in terms of content and speed from internet service providers.
Net neutrality is something that desperately needs to stay.
Think of the internet as an infinite lane highway. Currently, that highway is unrestricted with no speed limits and the ability to change lanes at will.
Now imagine that same highway with different tolls and a designated speed for each lane with a cost to change lanes.
That’s how the removal of net neutrality will change the internet.
Net neutrality is the belief that all websites are treated fairly in terms of accessibility and will not be cost regulated by internet service providers.
Corporations shouldn’t decide what information we receive.
Internet service providers already use browsing history for targeted online marketing.
Imagine if they were able to use that data to determine individual premium packages for every internet user.
Do you have a household with gamers? Individual charge.
Do you use streaming services like Netflix or Hulu? Individual charge for each.
Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site? Charges.
Do you have a storefront on Esty, eBay or any other online marketplace? Your products may never be seen by potential customers if it threatens a sister company of an internet service provider.
Internet speeds could also be bundled into packages, microtranisitioning us into oblivion.
The internet doesn’t need to be fixed in this regard.
The argument for removing net neutrality is flimsy at best.
When someone says that it encourages competition, ask them where that competition is.
How many choices do you currently have for the internet? There’s not too many, if any, upstart internet service providers.
Most people’s first thought to improve the internet isn’t to heavily regulate then charge fees for it. It shouldn’t be at least.
Money talks. It always has. Mine is shouting to save net neutrality.

Kyle Boaz is the editor of the Louisiana Press-Journal