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Critical Thinking

Posted on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 3:00 pm

It was a strong season of basketball in Pike County this year.
Three teams won over 22 games and there were some memorable finishes in multiple games.
There was the Richards half court game winner against Clopton.
There was the Lady Hawks hanging on by one for a tournament title over Monroe City.
There were the four classic battles between the Bulldogs and the Hawks.
The Lady Bulldogs pulled off a thrilling overtime win during the Clopton tournament.
It was a lot of fun watching the senior class of Clopton find ways to win in tight games.
The Bulldogs ran the court so swiftly more than half of my pictures of the team are blurs.
The Lady Hawks played a beatdown style that showed no mercy throughout the season, holding the top state ranking in their class for most of the season.
Pike County may not have schools with thousands of kids walking the halls.
But the athletes that walk the halls here play with just as much heart and ability. The stands are packed for a reason.
Next season should carry the same sort of energy and atmosphere.
The Bulldogs will still be flying down the court.
The Lady Hawks should be a guard heavy squad next year and possibly up their tempo.
The Hawks will have a rebuilt roster, but look for them to continue to play gritty.
The Lady Bulldogs have a youthful core and need to grow together to be successful.
With the basketball season now in the rear view mirror, it’s time for baseball!

Kyle Boaz