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Clopton School Board to look at season pass costs-District also plans to pre-pay on loans for savings

Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 3:00 pm

By Kyle Boaz

The Clopton school board dove into some financial numbers on Monday, July 30, during their July meeting.
During the open section for visitors, Erica Walker pointed out to the board that the season event ticket prices were nearly double that of surrounding schools.
The current cost for a season pass at Clopton is $225.
The cost of a pass at Louisiana is $125 per family or $100 for a single parent family; at Bowling Green the cost is $100.
Individual costs in Louisiana are $50 per student and $80 for a single adult.
Individual pass costs in Bowling Green are $30 per student, $50 for an adult and $25 for senior citizens.
“I’m asking you to consider how much you charge for a season pass,” Walker said in the open session.
The money that is collected from the passes goes into an overall account for the sports programs, according to Clopton High School Principal Larry Lagemann.
He was concerned about pricing that would keep fans away from the stadiums.
“You’re going to price yourself out where people aren’t going to come to ball games. It helps the atmosphere when kids are in the stands,” Lagemann said.
The motion on the season passes was tabled until the financial numbers are looked into and comparison to what the passes over.
The subject of season passes was on the agenda for the meeting.
The board voted to approve moving forward with making an early payment on a set of bonds to save money long term.
“It authorizes the redemption of principle of outstanding general obligating refunding bonds. Basically it will allow pre-payment the district and patrons about $7,000 by paying these off early,” Harvey said.
The first available date for pre-payment is March 1, 2019. The district will pay off $220,000 out of debt service, according to Harvey.
Currently $3,000,000 remains outstanding on those bonds.
The bonds mature in 2021 with a current interest rate of 1.60 percent.
The only update to the elementary school handbook was an asterisk in the sale or use of controlled substances section due to an incident last school year.
“I’m going to put an asterisk underneath it for over the counter medications and/or supplements so they could be considered under this discipline policy that would be dealt with on an individual basis,” Clopton Elementary School Principal Linda Henderson said.
During the meeting, the board was more open to questions than in recent meetings and provided a more conversational tone when dealing with concerns from those present.