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City switches garbage collection companies

Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 3:00 pm

The Louisiana City Council decided to switch garbage collection companies at the Monday, Dec. 14 meeting.
Dayne’s Disposal solid waste contract will begin Monday, Feb. 1, according to City Administrator Kelly Henderson.
Dayne’s low bid of $10.50 per month for curb service was just under Wamsley Disposal’s bid of $10.79 per month. However, long-time city provider Wamsley also wanted a $50 deposit for garbage tote bins and Dayne’s did not.
Two other bids of $12 and $14.50 per month were not considered because of their expense, Henderson said.
The vote was 6-2, with council members Don Oakley and Brice Chandler against the switch.
Chandler said he was concerned that the switch would be “a hassle for residents.”
Oakley said there was not much difference in price between the two low bids and that Wamsley has proven to be a good service over the years.
“No one’s complaining,” Oakley said.
Voting for the new service were council members Lori Lewis, Chuck Hoffman, Mona Brown, Nancy Evans, Kathy Smith and Chris Koetters.

Economic Development Director Stacy Bowerman said the city has finally made contact with the owners of the deteriorating building at 501 Georgia Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Broderson of San Jose, Calif., signed for a registered letter in late November from the city asking them to deal with the problem.
The Brodersons had ignored several earlier requests, according to city officials. Whether they will now act is still unclear, Bowerman said.
City Building Inspector Kent Adams said the city council could declare the building a nuisance, clean it up and then put a lien on the property to recover the costs. City officials have been reluctant to do that because of the city’s tight financial situation and are hoping the Brodersons will act.

In other
council news:
• Niedner said Rich Bland will become the new city animal control officer within the next month. He will also serve as a backup dispatcher.
• The council will hold a mid-year budget review at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 4 to start the next council meeting.