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Bridwell to share missionary experiences this Sunday

Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 2:30 pm

Malia Bridwell will readily tell you her life is lead by faith, a strong faith that caused her to change career paths in 2010. Bridwell, a missionary in Strasbourg, France, is currently visiting in Louisiana. She will share some of her experiences on Sunday, August 27, at Centenary United Methodist Church, located at 7th and South Carolina Streets, Louisiana, MO. Bridwell will speak during the worship service at 11 a.m. (CDT). All are welcome to come hear her message.

Bridwell, daughter of Fred and Phyllis Bridwell, and a Louisiana High School graduate, taught high school French in St. Louis for 16 years. Several summers during her teaching career, Bridwell took students to France for a language immersion experience. She said she began feeling as if “God was calling me to do something else. I took a semester sabbatical in 2009 and spent that time in France exploring missionary opportunities there.” Within two weeks of returning to her classroom, Bridwell says she knew in her heart it was time to follow her calling to become a missionary. Today, she is a licensed missionary currently serving in Strasbourg, France.

Bridwell began classes at the Bible Institute of Geneva in September, 2010. Prior to receiving her diploma from there in 2014, she did internships in various areas of France, working primarily with college students. Bridwell says her training and daily reading has given her a “good solid knowledge of the Bible,” adding that “We would often teach French by using Bible stories. It was interesting how many students developed an interest in learning more about the Gospel because of those stories.”

Today, Bridwell says the focus of her ministry has evolved into almost full-time sharing the Gospel with women inside the church and those outside the church who want to know more about the Christian faith.” The minister Bridwell works with in Strasbourg grew up in that area. She says Strasbourg has a strong Christian presence primarily due to Martin Luther’s influence from Germany. She describes the church she is associated with there as being evangelical and non-denominational. “The foundation of our teachings go back to Martin Luther,” Bridwell added.

Malia Bridwell