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Alternative education program in R-II district provides a special learning experience

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 2:30 pm

Learning can happen in many different ways.
The alternative education program in Louisiana helps students complete school at their own pace.
The program offers a life skills class that discusses voting, personal finance, insurance and debt.
“I feel like it’s so important for our kids to know those things because those are the things that push them into poverty,” teacher Christina Parrish said.
The program currently helps students with credit recovery and the Missouri options program.
“Every year is so different. The dynamic changes,” Parrish said.
“I’m very forward with them and don’t beat around the bush. I tell them what’s real because if I’m real they’ll get it. I’m not without my own faults. They know that. I’m more than happy to tell them. I think sometimes teachers get put on pedestals of that they’re not real people.”
This year Parrish came up with a way to get students back in the classroom.

Christina Parrish works with Dalton Tainter as a part of the alternative program at Louisiana High School. Parrish has been at the position for nearly 10 years.

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