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A documentary may be Momo’s shot at stardom

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 5:06 pm

By Robert Leininger

Seth Breedlove liked Louisiana immediately.

That’s why the film director brought his crew to town last week to shoot a full-length film that he believes will be seen by a million people next year.

“That’s one million people learning about Louisiana,” exclaimed Breedlove. “The city should take advantage of that.”

Breedlove also likes Louisiana’s most famous resident – as he is the star of the film.

“Momo is famous!” he said, and “I’m going to make him even more famous.”

Breedlove should know. This will be his company’s 10th feature film. Previous releases include Terror in the Skies, The Bray Road Beast, the Boggy Creek Monster and the Beast of Whitehall.

Small Town Monsters, Inc., the company Breedlove founded in 2015, does things a bit differently than the run-of-the-mill film production company.

“We are completely independent,” he explained. “We are a crowd-funded, self-distributing company and this year we will produce two films and a mini-series.”

To find the films, fans can screen them on Amazon Prime and the YouTube Channel. You also can see trailers on the company’s website, smalltownmonsters.com, or try Vimeo, Google Play, iTunes, and XBOX.

The films have a growing fan base, and the critical reception has been positive too. The director’s work has been viewed more than 3 million times on Amazon. “Our numbers are starting to compete with network television,” Breedlove said.

While in Louisiana, the crew interviewed as many of the original people who reported the Momo sighting as possible. “We got most of our information from your newspaper (the Louisiana Press-Journal). You did several stories on it.”

“We focus on the small town folklore. Our team tells stories through the words and experiences of those who were most affected by them – residents and witnesses,” he said.

“The central character is the town itself. It’s very important to us that we respect the town’s history. We want to maintain our relationships with these towns,” Breedlove explained.

The company calls Wadsworth, Ohio home where they have a studio. It is there that all the post-production work is done. Breedlove and his wife, Adrienne, are the only full-time employees, but they have a team of freelancers from all over the country who work on projects.

For those who can’t wait to see the finished product, Breedlove does have a “Drive-In” teaser on their website for the film. And although the title hasn’t been officially announced, “There’s something on Marzolf Hill” is expected to be released in November.

In conclusion, Breedlove asks that local residents embrace Momo, not shun him. “I really do think the town is missing out by not capitalizing on Momo,“ he explained. And when asked if he would participate should a Momo Festival be organized, he happily agreed. “I will make sure to be there and I’ll also bring a copy of the movie for a public screening.”