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4-H’ers mark Achievement Night

Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 12:48 pm

Pike County 4-H members participated in Achievement Night on Monday, Feb. 18.

Events held during the evening included personal development, table setting, public speaking, demonstrations, collections and photography. Some of the life skills the members practice when participating in the different events are: communication, stress management, social skills, decision-making, planning and organizing, self-responsibility and self-motivation.

In personal development, participants are judged on how appropriately they are dressed for the occasion they have chosen. Other elements of judging are how well an individual presents him or herself and their knowledge of self-care. The older division, 14 years of age and older youth, were judged on a simulated job interview. The clover kids participating were Josephine Harrelson, Sadie Richmond and Juliana Sick.  Participating in the eight to ten  age category were Landon Burnett, Braden Benn, Dominic Scherder, Mary Bridget Sick, Alexa Smith, Mara Robb and Caramia Harrelson. In the 11-13 years of age category participants were Faith Brown, Leila Niemeyer, Emma Niemeyer, Theresa Sick, Jordan Johnson and Andrew Sick. In the 14 years of age and older category, participants were Abbie Waddell, Emily Collins, Madison Horstmeier, Lexi Robb, Samantha Smith, Charity Johnson, Ivy Johnson, Enoch Brown and Ryan Miller.

Table setting is open to all 4-H members to participate.  It involves choosing an occasion and then creating the appropriate atmosphere with a place setting.  The 4-H member must choose proper dishes, decorations, and a menu to fit the occasion. Participating in the eight to 10 years of age division were Phoebe Hayden, Bristol Doggett, Mary Bridget Sick, Alexa Smith and Dominic Scherder. Theresa Sick was in the 11 -13 years of age division. Emily Collins, Madison Horstmeier and Samantha Smith were in the 14 years of age and older category.

Public speaking is also open to all 4-H members.  Samantha Smith presented in the prepared speech category. In the extemporaneous speech division, eight to 10 year olds division, Bradley Doggett participated. In the 14 years of age and over participants were Enoch Brown, Madison Horstmeier and Caleigh Grote. Madison was selected for state competition. In the business pitch category, Jate McCollum participated.

Presenting a demonstration was clover kid Jocee Mahar. The following presented general demonstrations: Enoch Brown and Faith Brown. Presenting a honey demonstration was Abby Haas. Jate McCollum and Caleigh Grote presented horse demonstrations. Faith Brown, Haas, McCollum, Enoch Brown and Grote were chosen to go to the state fair.

In the collections contest members had to creatively display their collection and answer questions about it from the judge. Participants were Zane Ingram, Jocee Mahar, Cody Aslin, Lucas Aslin, Jackson Hayden, Aurora Ingram, Dominic Scherder, Faith Brown, Sophia Hartwig, Andrew Sick, Trenton Haas and Ryan Miller.

In the photography contest, the members did not have to be enrolled in the project.  Their picture had to be taken after August 1 and entered in one of three categories.  The categories were: animal, landscape, and people.  The entries were judged on focus, exposure, lighting, print quality, subject, composition, and uniqueness. In the clover kids category, Jocee Mahar participated. In the eight to ten years of age category in photography were Cody Aslin, Lucas Aslin, Braden Benn, Phoebe Hayden, Aurora Ingram, Mary Bridget Sick and Alexa Smith. Participants in the 11-13 years of age category were Sophia Hartwig, Leila Niemeyer, Abby Haas, Andrew Sick, and Emma Niemeyer. In the 14 years of age and over category were Emily C

4-H members ages five to ten years of age that participated in the Achievement Night. First row: Zane Ingram, Sadie Richmond, Josephine Harrelson, and Phoebe Hayden. Second row: Mary Bridget Sick, Juliana Sick, Jocee Mahar, Alexa Smith, Braden Benn and Jackson Hayden. Third row: Cody Aslin, Dominic Scherder, Mara Robb, Aurora Ingram, Landon Burnett, Bristol Doggett, Caramia Harrelson, and Bradley Doggett.

4-H members 11 to 13 years of age that participated in the Achievement Night. Front row: Andrew Sick, Luke Aslin, Sophia Hartwig and Leila Niemeyer. Back row: Theresa Sick, Emma Niemeyer, Jordan Johnson, Jate McCollum, Abby Haas and Faith Brown.

Members of 4-H who are 14 years of age and older that participated in Achievement Night. Front row: Lexi Robb, Emily Collins Abbie Waddell and Ryan Miller. Back row: Trenton Haas, Caleigh Grote, Charity Johnson, Ivy Johnson, Madison Horstmeier and Enoch Brown.

ollins, Trenton Haas, Theresa Sick and Ryan Miller.