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$15,000 for Louisiana Elementary playground collected by LHS alumni

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 3:43 pm

An Evos Play System.

The Louisiana High School Alumni and Friends Association voted Saturday to hand over $15,000 collected to add new playground equipment at Louisiana Elementary School to the Louisiana School District.

The vote was taken at the Alumni Association’s monthly planning meeting.
A Bullpups Booster groups started fund-raising in support of a multi-step project to improve the playground at Louisiana Elementary School in 2011 at the suggestion of Erik Melton, then the elementary school’s principal.

The 4-phase project has so far included the addition of a bay of swings and a fire-truck, among many other additions and removal of old equipment. The plan for the playground was drawn up by NuToys Leisure Products, an outdoor children’s recreation company headquartered in LaGrange, Ill..

After the Bullpups Boosters wound down their organization, the project was taken on by the Alumni Association. $10,000 from the Bullpups Booster formed the foundation for the $15,000 donation. Additional fundraising by elementary school students, donations collected at the Alumni Association’s annual dinner, and memorial donations for Jane Murry, the mother-in-law of a school teacher.

Todd Smith, the superintendent the Louisiana School District, said Monday that he planned to find the final $5,000 dollars as he draws up next year’s budget.

“Its been a long time coming,” Tina Chidster, who worked on the project with the Bullpup Boosters and the Alumni Association said. Chidster emphasized the work of parents, other adult supporters, and especially students in making the project possible.

The final $20,000 would go to support the completion of an Evos Play system, a multifaceted and wonky piece of playground equipment that markets itself on its accessibility and adaptability.

The final components enabled by the donation include a second slide and another stand-alone spinner, which Chidster described as “widely popular with students pre-k through fifth.”

The Alumni Association will hold its next meeting on April 20th at 9:30 a.m. at the Cindy Blaylock Insurance Office at 201 S. Georgia St. Alumni and supporters of Louisiana’s schools are encouraged to attend.